humanising technologies

How It Works

You will begin by engaging in our discovery and strategic workshops. These hands-on, interactive workshops are designed to transform your vision into actionable, deliverable blueprints. We will use those blueprints to provide you with an accurate estimate of time and expenses involved.

About Us

25 years on from its inception, Humanising Technology (formerly Netroworx) is more than a software development firm. Having expanded our ideals and business practices, we have firmly established ourselves as the ‘go-to’ solution architects for all manner of software and technological systems.

Our Services

We work with you to enable, build and deploy the best software solution for your business. Our team of dedicated experts focus wholly on defining your business requirements for that vision. From there, we accurately predict timeframes and costs, with the goal of minimising risk to you and ensuring we achieve remarkable solutions uniquely tailored to your business constraints.

Business outcome-based solutions...