humanising technologies

About Us

25 years on from its inception, Humanising Technology (formerly Netroworx) is more than a software development firm. Having expanded our ideals and business practices, we have firmly established ourselves as the ‘go-to’ solution architects for all manner of software and technological systems.

Pushing the boundaries of excellence, Humanising Technology has identified a core market where we can combine our expertise, knowledge, precision and desire to impact positive change, specially within the medical/healthcare sector.

The range of projects Humanising Technology has assisted with provides the impetus and confidence to continue to push software and technological limits, to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative advancements to our clients.

Over the last 25 years we have strengthened and developed our core business values and our intention is to ensure our services are always aligned with these values for the next 25 years and beyond.

Humanising Techonologies has the expertise and knowledge to create fit-for-purpose solutions to support our clients’ dreams and aspirations. Whether the project is to build a simple yet elegant small business website, the creation of a virtual reality application, or supporting the development of a new medical data process, we ensure that our core values of excellence are achieved in every single project.

That’s right, you, the client, are the design and development hero of the team. We champion the importance of end user-centric design and testing, but your vision as a business leader drives the project forward and keeps efforts focused. At the end of the project, we expect you’ll walk away with a deepened sense of accomplishment.

In a lot of cases, the client’s goal or aspiration is yet to be visualized. Humanising Technologies is passionate about seeing life-changing solutions come to life. We want the final product to capture the essence of initial conception.

For us, the results of our work, even years on, are our legacy. Therefore, we are passionate about ensuring the effect of the systems and solutions we build are positive in their own context as well as in their wider impact on industry and even globally.

Measure twice, cut once. Iterate and innovate. Some of the ways in which we assure the end product is not only miles ahead of its competition, but also a step ahead of its future competition.