humanising technologies

How It Works

Our team endeavours to deliver success for your business in every facet of your technology solutions, whether they be client facing, internal or otherwise.

A business software solution can facilitate growth and offer an entire new revenue channel, or it may be your main offering to the world. We’re here to bring your ultimate software vision to life using our structured services, strategic insights and development expertise. Humanising Technologies (formerly Netroworx) has experienced development in many industries over the last 25 years since its inception, including, notably, the medical technology sector, education, law enforcement, government and more.

You will begin by engaging in our discovery and strategic workshops. These highly engaged and interactive workshops are designed to transform your vision into actionable, deliverable blueprints. We will use those blueprints to provide you with an accurate estimate of time and expenses involved. Our core success relies upon the success of our clients and for this reason, it is imperative to us that we have fully understood your project as we begin designing and prototyping your software. A clear roadmap will be presented to you that will address all your questions and how we will achieve what we promise.

Estimation and Risk-Management

When it comes to pricing, our key philosophy is that our clients pay for the result, not the time it takes to get there.
Humanising technologies believes in the unequivocal success of your business. We understand that custom software can be a risky investment for a business. It is because of our philosophy in this area that we have highly developed our pricing and estimations, as our bottom line is affected by our ability to make accurate decisions on pricing strategy. This modus operandi at the core of Humanising Technologies dramatically mitigates the risk of investing in custom software solutions.
Traditionally, custom software quoting leans towards the customer absorbing the risk, rather than the developer, usually charging for the time it takes to complete the work, not the delivered final product itself. This often creates a situation in which you have committed to paying a certain sum, with no guarantee of a working product at the end of the contract. It may even be unintentionally profitable for the developer to take longer than estimated, effectively holding your finished software hostage to further payments for work to continue. Or inversely, they may rush to deliver your project within the time you’ve committed to keep them contracted, resulting in a rushed or unfinished product which fails after release with no clear indication as to why. This unfortunate scenario would necessitate further investment to identify and correct problems, with even less guarantee of success than when the project began. Such sunk costs are a slippery slope that may ultimately lead to catastrophic business/product failure.
Our fixed fee pricing methodology means that the risk is on us, not you. By the end of the project you are guaranteed delivery of a working piece of software ready for final release. Alleviating your company from the concern or financial damage of any unforeseen or anomalous challenges during the development cycle.
We are uniquely positioned to confidently offer our services in this way, absorbing your risk in the process. This is due to a few key protocols: Strong, workshop-style project initiation and discovery; all-encompassing, final user experience mapping; a ‘no stones unturned’ approach to systems scope, infrastructure and risk management. Finally, we execute these protocols as a skilled and dedicated team who genuinely identify themselves professionally, by our ability to excel on your expectations. Read more about how we work here.

The Bigger Picture

Propelled by our powerful project initiation process, we pave a clear path to your final vision and can confidently charge a guaranteed-fixed fee to take you there. Starting the project with detailed UX design and scope allows us to have visual and written requirements that everyone involved can understand. A game-changing asset for the speed and accuracy of development.

In addition, we split our projects into six month segments where we deem necessary. The reason for this is because one thing that you can’t easily do with fixed fee projects is change the requirements. We want to prevent scope creep and reduce risks, but in the ever changing market we are in, we must be flexible and able to adapt to new information or market turns. This means if you have a project that will take three years to complete, instead of delivering the entire thing after three years, we will deliver a fully functioning section of it in less than six months and update our strategy as we go to ensure the product you needed at the beginning is the product your users will want in the end. If your custom software project is a product you are intending to sell, you could be making revenue much earlier with shorter projects that deliver working software. Further reducing risk for your business.